Our Values
– The Bible is our guide
We believe that the bible is the word of God and everything we practice at ABC Church is based on this book.
– Worship
True worship is based on the desire to honor God. In ABC Church worship It’s a lifestyle. We always worship our God.
– Gospel Centered
The message of Jesus has already done for us impacts every aspect of our lives and our church.
The message brings hope and power to all those who turn to and believe in it.
– Multiply
Believers in Jesus Christ are missionaries. We want to engage our community and our world with the Gospel, make disciples, and start new churches that do the same. This is the mission of God.
– Families
We value families because if we have better families we’ll going to have better cities.
– Community
Human beings were created to fellowship with each other and with God. Jesus’s final prayer included and affirmation of unity. The early church enjoyed such community, which is more than hanging out with each other. It’s loving each other, accountability among believers, and engaging people on a personal level. The Gospel mandates Biblical community.
– Church Planting
Making disciples who make disciples and planting more churches is not only a dream but one of our values as a church involved in church planting efforts around the world.